Zeno’s Paradox Discussion

Dec 4, 2021

YL Yilisha Lu Oct 4, 2021 at 7:40 PM PROMPT #1 According to Zeno, a certain distance could be cut apart infinitely through dichotomy therefore we could not ever truly take a step forward. However, the infinitesimal dot, as its nature, can not be described or stipulated. To prove his theory, Zeno should first prove that integrity can be infinitely cut in the real world. To consider whether the space is continuous or discrete will have us in an antinomy. I believe that time and space are apriori forms of intuition. No matter the space is continuous or discrete, it is an intuition triggered by Ding an sich. Reply SM Shehzad Mansuri Oct 7, 2021 at 11:02 AM Hey Yilisha! Reading your response, I couldn’t help but finding myself agreeing with your insight into a certain flaw of Zeno’s a paradox — that being that Zeno is unable to prove the existence of infinity in the real world as it would apply to the theoretical. Furthermore, though I would zaroo that enoroic continuous < Previous Next → 4 1 Dashboard Calendar To Do Notifications Inbox London Merced Perkins Oct 3, 2021 at 4:42 AM Prompt 1: I had to look at the arrow paradox to process this so I’m going to side with time being discrete. My simple answer would be to run past the tortoise, stop at a point beyond it, and wait till the tortoise reaches you to catch it. Otherwise, I’d edit the way humans react to infinity. I think humans tend to believe as long as an amount isn’t exactly zero, there is still something there to count for. For example, 0.00001 is still not complete 0 despite how small that number is. So when it came to the turtle paradox, Achilles could never reach the tortoise because even when he caught up to it, it would still be a decimal beyond that point because it won’t stop moving. This “decimal infinity” doesn’t apply in making purchases though. We don’t have fractions of cents for change, so even if your coupon on a purchase was a 6.253 dollar discount, they’d only give you a rounded $6.25 off because there is no fraction of a cent in USD. I think at some point in small infinities we should also do a cutoff point. It’s practically zero, so let it be zero. Nothing in nature is ever perfect or exact, so why do we require it in such thinking? Reply | < Previous Next → 4 4 1 00 OOO Dashboard Calendar To Do Notifications Inbox Erik Daniel Rodriguez Oct 4, 2021 at 3:04 AM Zeno Prompt #1: Zeno and the world’s view on infinity are that space and time are infinitely divisible, a dichotomy. In Zeno’s arguments, he wants to show that if time is continuous, then motion is impossible. While I believe that time is indeed continuous, motion is still possible. Zeno arbitrarily points out that Achilles takes “some amount of time”, and the tortoise covers “some distance”. So in theory Achilles would eventually pass the tortoise in my head. Since infinity can’t really be shown the “real world”, then Zeno would be right about motion being impossible if time is continuous. But in theory, we could still believe that eventually, we would reach infinity. So there is still that possibility. Since according to the statement said in the Racetrack lecture that an infinite series of fractions would add to 1. This helps us to think that time can be continuous since, if time were discrete a fraction of time cannot be possible. So the way we think about infinity is truly the problem. Because if we can’t really prove infinity then a lot of things wouldn’t be possible although we see them every day as possible. Donly < Previous Next > possible. Reply London Merced Perkins Oct 4, 2021 at 5:34 AM Hi Erik! I like how you directed and blamed the issue of the paradox to be our concept of infinity. I also wrote a similar statement pointing that out. I also agree with the fact that Achilles will eventually bypass the turtle, thus removing the need to catch up to the turtle to catch it and resulting in the paradox. I initially wrote that time is discrete but I think I want to change my position now. Great job! Reply JK Junyoung Kim Oct 5, 2021 at 7:59 AM Hi Erik I like your statement, which “I believe that time is indeed continuous, motion is still possible”. This is because I feel that both motion and time could be continuous in a same time. This is the flaw of the theory by Zeno. Reply < Previous Next → 4 1 Dashboard Calendar To Do Notifications Inbox

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